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Walking to school

Well done to all the children that walked to school this week. Certificates will be given out today.
Safety First-Walking to school with children
• Hold hands with your child and make sure your child walks on the side of the pavement away from the traffic.
• Look out for and encourage your child to be aware of hidden entrances and driveways that cross the pavement.
• Don’t use a mobile phone when walking with your child, especially when crossing roads.
• Use the Green Cross Code with your child, explain that you have to stop at the kerb, look both ways and listen for traffic before crossing.
• Where possible use crossings, wait for the green man and make eye contact with drivers, so that you know they have noticed you. Make sure that traffic has stopped before you cross at a pedestrian crossing.
• Take the opportunity to talk to your child about road safety and discuss ways to keep them safe.

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