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Here at Sharneyford Primary School, early reading is taught using synthetic phonics as the main approach to reading. Pupils are systematically taught the sounds (phonemes), how to blend the sounds all through the word for reading, and how to segment the sounds in order to write words. They are taught to use their phonic skills and knowledge as their first approach to reading, but are also taught high frequency words which do not completely follow the phonic rules. Reading is taught through a range of different reading schemes to accommodate the varied interest of our pupils and provide them with a range of genres.

The school follows the government published programme 'Letters and Sounds', alongside other resources (such as Phonics Play and sound tubs) which support us in providing a multi-sensory approach to learning phonics.

Children attend phased phonic groups matched to their ability. They will move groups throughout the year. Children may be in a group with children from different classes or year groups, because we recognise that children learn at different rates, and children have some gaps in their phonics knowledge that need filling. 

As parents you can support your child at home using the Phonics Play resources if you have access to a computer. Details of this website can be found through the 'Parents Links' section of our website, where login details can be found. The site includes great games for your child(ren) and information about the different phases to help you.

For further information about phonics, including a video to pronounce phonemes (sounds), click on the link below.

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate in contacting your child's class teacher who will be able to assist you. We appreciate phonics may be completely new to you, so do not be afraid to ask!

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