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After school activities and competitions

Our normal Rossendale Leisure Trust run clubs are still delivered free of charge to parents.


In the Summer term, the following activities will be available

for our pupils:


Football KS2 3.30pm-4.30pm- 12th September - 17th October


Eco council-lunchtimes





Netball Y1-6  3.30pm- 4.30pm - 14th September - 19th October
School council (every other week) - lunchtime 



Yoga- 15th October for 4 weeks

Choir club- Lunchtimes



Library club (lunch times) run by Mrs Bull.

Change4life Club (lunchtimes) run by Mrs Greenwood. 

Please phone the office if you require further information on any of the clubs.

Private music tuition
This is available to our Key Stage 2 pupils on Monday afternoons. Please contact the office for further details. This is in addition to the Wider Opportunities music tuition that the school is funding for Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils.


Current competition progress

Please see the photos attached of our fantastic sports teams and their achivements this year.

Cross Country

Rossendale Small School Indoor Athletics Years 5/6 Winners

Rossendale Small School Football Years 5/6 Winners

Rossendale Indoor Athletics Overall Years 5/6- 3rd

Rossendale Football Overall-4th

Rossendale Girls Football Years 5/6- 4th

Sharneyford Primary School

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