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25th September 16

 "We hope you find our website informative and useful. Our aim is to keep parents as informed as possible about their child's learning."

Mrs Andrea Holt (Headteacher)



If you have any queries or require any information, please do not hesitate to contact our Office Manager,  Miss Paula Wallace who will be able to help. She can be contacted at 01706 873955 or alternatively,

Top Table


A new incentive for children at lunch time is our 'top table'. This is where all the children who promote good table manners, eating with a knife and fork correctly and being polite will have the opportunity of sitting each week.

As you can see from the photo's, they will have a table supplied with a new tablecloth, place mats, a candle and champagne flute 'glasses' along with bowls and plates instead of the school trays.

Well done to Kelan, Oscar, Coco-lily and Charlie for being the first to be chosen!

Science Week


All children have taken part in science week with year 6 children supporting others in school with their investigations.

Investigations carried out included; how do animals keep warm? how do our hands move? what's in our blood? how do you get an egg into a bottle?

Please look at our photo's below of the children.

World Book Day 2016


Although slightly delayed due to the weather, we eventually managed to celebrate the 19th year of World Book Day on Tuesday 8th March.  

To tie in with our celebrations, we also had a performance of 'Jump to it' from West End Theatres.

Please see our pictures below of our celebrations.

New Play Equipment


After three days of preparing and erecting and some pretty awful weather, we are proud to announce that our new play area and stage are here!

Officially opened by our governor Miss Birch on Tuesday, 15th December, the children are looking forward to being able to use both areas.  A rota has been set up ensuring that all children get access and ensuring that it remains safe without too many children at any one time.

Although the weather was pretty awful for the opening ceremony, please see our photographs below.




First week of this school year Miss Shepherd took all Year 6 to Robinwood Dobroyd Castle for 3 days of activities to build confidence, teamwork and self discovery. All the children has a fantastic time!!


Here are some comments from the instructors on how the children did:

Sophie - "Your fantastic teamwork skills were there for all to see as you enabled your team to progress at great heights in the Crate Challenge. You made a fantastic effort in the Nightline - throwing yourself through all the obstacles with extraordinary energy and an enormous smile.  You also showed commitment to the group as you took off into the lake despite the cold and soggy landing."

Hailie - "You were a vital member of the group in the Crate Challenge as your hard work and team spirit meant that everyone managed to create cracking crate stacks. As you battled with your fears you showed the group just how brave and determined you were on the Zipwire, resulting in a fantastic flight".

William - "As the first member of your team to go across the Piranha Pool you inspired confidence in the group and you helped them master the tasks perfectly. You attacked the Obstacle Course head on completing every challenge and expertlu helping your team along the way".

Luke - "You bravely attempted the slippery pole in the Piranha Pool despite the icy piranha infested waters. You brilliantly encouraged and supported others in your team as they tackled the tricky Obstacle Course. They couldn't have done it without you!"

Dale - "First on the Giant Swing and with nerves of steel you showed everybody else how it was done with such style. Through your amazing balance you managed to build the crates up to an unbelievable height. You also tackled the dreaded slippery pole even though the piranha infested water was only just below you."

Aeronwen - "Your group called upon you to show them the way down the speedy Zipwire and you showed them just how fun and cool it was. You took your team around the the Nightlines treacherous twisting tunnels with ease - passing loads of magnificent messages back showing perfect leadership".

Katie - "You challenged yourself brilliantly and had a superb trip down the Zipwire showing that you can do anything you put your mind to. Walls, squeezes, cargo nets and balance beams - no obstacle on the Course was too much for you."

Shaun - "Have you paddled before? You showed some amazing technique during the Canoeing out on the lake. Your group enjoyed your teamwork and support for everyone on Zipwire leading to a great session that everyone enjoyed. You wriggled and squeezed your way through the obstacles on the Nightline effortlessly, reaching the end in style".

Tavis - "You were the first person to tackle the Giant Swing, swinging through the air with style Tarzan would be jealous of. You have used so much energy over the last three days, I have no idea where it has come from, going full pelt at all the activities. Showing real commitment you made your group proud during the Raft Building with your amazing skydive into the raging rapids of the lake".

Miss Shepherd - "You were always raring to go and get stuck into all the activities, a great inspiration for the group despite the fact that they almost couldn't keep up with you".

As a group we would like to thank all Robin Wood staff and all those involved to make this trip happen. It will be one of those things the group will always remember.


Sharneyford's Got Talent


WOW! What talented children we have! Well done to all who took part in the finals and the final today. You were all amazing! For such a small school we have so many talented and confident children.  Well done to Dale Lord who came 3rd singing Uptown Funk. Well done to Charlotte Earnshaw and Kerri Stephen who came 2nd with their Irish dancing. The winners this year were Sophie Barnes and Caitlyn Stansfield who sang a song from Frozen. Well done!

The Football Development Programme


On Friday we had a visit from The Football Development Programme who worked with Class2 and 3. They delivered the Numeracy through football initiative which involved lots of football based numeracy challenges in the classroom and lots of football skills outside on the playground. the coaches praised the excellent behavior of our pupils. Well done to all who took part.

Change 4 Life Festival


We were invited to take part in the Change 4 Life Festival at Fearns. The pupils who took part were able to try lots of different activities with the focus being on teamwork, respect, self belief, honesty, determination and passion. Our pupils were able to try bench ball, dodge ball, trampolining and a hula-hoop relay. The pupils did a fantastic job representing our school, well done to them all.

Young Voices 2015


Lancashire PE Mark


We have been awarded with the Lancashire PE Mark - Silver Award ! We are really pleased to have achieved this award which recognises our commitment to Physical Education and providing our children with a range of opportunities. We aim to keep the Olympic spirit alive!