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March 2022 - We have continued to learn about Europe in class. We have been singing songs to help us remember the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. We can now name some European countries and their capital cities. In science we have been learning about hearing. During Science week we had a mad science morning where the children carried out a number of experiments relating to sound and hearing. The children had to read the instructions and set up their own experiments, carry them out and make observations. Finally they were asked to write an explanation to explain their observations. Below are some photographs of our experiments. Enjoy!

February 2022 - Well what a busy few weeks we have had! We have had some visitors in Class 2 which have needed a lot of looking after. We had 5 little chicks which we hatched and looked after. The children really enjoyed observing the eggs hatching and growing. It was fascinating! Sadly our photos of the chicks will not upload. They are now in their new homes with some of our pupils. 

Wb: 7.2.22 - This week we have carried out our tooth decay experiment. The children wanted to know which drink would decay their teeth the most. So they planned and carried out an experiment using eggs (similar to teeth believe it or not!) and some drinks that they like to drink. We were all shocked by the results! 

Our mini rainforest has been expanding this week with the arrival of several 'reading buddies.' These are little friends that children have made out of reusable materials with a plant in them. Our mini rainforest has a spider plant with lots of babies on so we have been expanding our crop and re planting. 

This week we have started reading a wonderful new book - The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan. So far the children are really enjoying it although it might be making them very hungry!! Enjoy the photographs below of what we have been getting up to. 

Wb: 17.1.22 - This week we have been continuing learning about Food. We have created a lovely display of what we have  learned so far and some of the children's work. We have also started a geopgraphy based on Climate change - something which the children are showing they are passionate about! This week we also have 2 new plants which the children are learning how to look after. Enjoy the photographs below!

In the first few weeks of school since returning after Christmas we have done so much already!

We kicked off the year with a visit from Stephen Boardman from Coram delivering a Bcyberwise workshop. The children learned how to make sensible choices and hopefully stay safe online. 

We have also been doing lots of baking / cooking in Class 2 as we are leaning about Food in topic and instructions in English. Our banana bread was yummy!

In PE we have been thinking about flexibility and strength - jumping! We love our PE sessions in Class 2 and we are always trying to become fitter and stronger each lesson. 

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