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Anti bullying week Yoga links

Video 1 –Be Kind to Others - Teacher Lisa from YogaBugs talks about the importance of being kind to others, using a lovely meditation of the Bucket of Kindness. This video is suitable for children of all ages and promotes mindfulness

Video 2 –Breathing Through Emotions - Practice some simple, but effective breathing exercises and chose your favourite one. Children (and adults!) go through a mix of emotions every day, these are all normal and part of life, but we need to learn to control these emotions, so they don't control us. This can be done through the regular practice of breathing exercises.

Video 3 –Spreading Happiness Visualisation. Close your eyes, take in a deep breath and relax while you listen to a lovely visualisation about breathing in love and happiness and breathing out negative feelings. Keep listening while you pass on that love to others!

Video 4 –Stop Bullying Yourself! We all give ourselves a hard time and are not always kind, this video talks to children about the importance of believing in themselves. We will explore some simple meditation techniques to help children focus their minds and give them a break from their thoughts.


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