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Science day Class 3

Date: 20th Jun 2019 @ 11:49am

Science Day 2019


On Wednesday 19th June 2019, we had a “Science Day”. “Science Day” is a day for doing the topic Science for which we do experiments based on different activities. This lesson was about “Journeys”. To begin with, we watched a short 10-minute clip about British astronaut Timothy Nigel Peake on a mission to join the ISS (International Space Station) in 2015. The video inspired us to make our own bottle rockets. The resources we used to build our rockets were: Fruit Shoot bottles, mugs, card, Paracetamol and water (misc. temperatures). We used these items to build our bottle rockets; some succeeded and some didn’t. The ones that succeeded used water from the kettle which was left to cool. Our teacher (Mr. Greenwood) tested some bottles but failed (by not doing it quick enough and therefore spilling all the chemical infused water) and he said, “It worked at home!” but didn’t work at school until Charlotte and Evie’s bottle took flight perfectly with no problems. Mr. Greenwood fixed his error and used a different lid, boiling water and more tablets and then shook it. Then the bottle exploded and shot across the room and landed head-first into the red voile curtain which is located in the reading corner. It was lucky no-one was in there and no-one got seriously hurt or wet. The person who picked the bottle up was a boy named Jack who said, “Look what Sir did to ruin our reading corner!” It almost landed on the desk near Mrs Greenwood. We tried it a second time but due to the fewer amounts of tablets and them also being wet, it flew in the air for a few centimetres but crashed onto the floor. The science behind this is because of the chemicals in the tablet. As soon as the tablet touches the water, the carbon dioxide; which is a type of gas, is released. This causes the gas to build pressure inside the bottle until it pops the lid clean off. When the lid pops, it pushes down on the mug, causing the Fruit Shoot bottle to shoot the liquid upwards (like the way you jump and like a real rocket). The hotter the water, the more vigorously the tablets produce a gas (which in this case, the gas is carbon dioxide). This is because, in hot water, the particles of chemicals from the tablet and the water molecules have more energy and move more quickly. This means they collide with each other more often, which results in more chemical reactions in a given time. The larger the bottle, the higher it will fly.


By Buddy and Harrison

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