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Intent, Implementation & Impact


Our curriculum leads to confident, independent learners, who have a passion for learning and are adaptable to the world around them. We will ensure that pupils are aware of their strengths and see success regularly, whilst also ensuring they are resilient, well-rounded people.

We will:

  • Promote positivity, happiness and self-esteem amongst the children we teach.
  • Meet the needs of every child.
  • Provide a nurturing environment in which children will flourish.
  • Provide a broad, engaging and relevant curriculum.

Our curriculum will ensure that children reflect positively on their primary school years. Learning should be meaningful and experiences and knowledge that the children gain in lessons will be fully embedded.


At Sharneyford, we have used the National Curriculum alongside class topics to allow our children to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed. 

In order to allow children to remember key skills, they revisit them over the course of a key stage. Wherever possible, Reading, Writing & Maths are linked across lessons and reading is used continuously for purpose and pleasure.

Lessons are a mixture of:

  • Independent research and information gathering.
  • Direct teacher-led lessons; teaching new skills and knowledge.
  • Presentation lessons where children apply their basic skills.
  • Challenge and deepening activities which add depth to their learning.

Children build resilience by working in these ways and can then independently apply their skills and knowledge to other learning.

High-quality, thoughtful educational trips are booked throughout the year. The intention of such trips is to provide the children with cultural capital and to give them experiences that enhance their learning. 


The impact of our curriculum can be seen in the children's books and the outcomes for all groups of pupils. Teachers meet with the headteacher on a termly basis to discuss pupil progress. Following discussions regarding assessment, work is planned to address misconceptions and gaps in learning. Assessments at the end of each term ensure that the curriculum effectively meets to needs of all our pupils. 


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