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Change 4 Life

Change 4 Life Friday Lunchtime Club
Every Friday lunchtime year 6 pupils and the Sports Ambassadors help to run the Change 4 life Club, the club promotes teamwork, respect, honesty, self belief, passion and determination. Each week a different year group participates in different activitites from Dodgeball, Not in my backyard, Parachute games and many more fun activities.

Change 4 Life Festival
We were invited to take part in the Change 4 Life Festival at Fearns. The pupils who took part were able to try lots of different activities with the focus being on teamwork, respect, self belief, honesty, determination and passion. Our pupils were able to try bench ball, dodge ball, trampolining and a hula-hoop relay. The pupils did a fantastic job representing our school, well done to them all.

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